900 MHz Outdoor Wireless RS-232 Bridge

900 MHz Outdoor Wireless RS-232 Bridge

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A secure and reliable solution that allows you to build point-to-point wireless Ethernet connections

The AW900R2-PAIR allows you to connect RS-232 devices wirelessly in situations where direct wired connections are too costly or have insufficient range, security or noise immunity. It provides direct plug-and-play replacement of an RS-232 cable, but without most of the limitations. Most cables used for RS-232 are limited to about 50 feet, with expensive low capacitance cable extending the range to perhaps 1000 feet. This wireless link can travel up to 40 miles line-of-sight and with excellent ability to penetrate walls and vegetation.

The radios automatically select the lowest interference RF channel, encrypt the data and seamlessly transmit it, looking just like a direct RS-232 cable to the rest of the system. Each radio in the pair is packaged in a rugged, weatherproof outdoor enclosure that is equally at home up in the factory ceiling or atop a power pole. They are pre-configured as a matched pair with common baud rate and encryption keys.

The configuration may be easily changed by plugging a laptop into each radio’s built in USB interface, uploading new configurations into their non-volatile memory, and putting the link back into service. The same USB interface can also display diagnostic information and provide easy firmware updating.

AvaLAN’s products offer the ideal combination of price, range, data rate, security, interference avoidance, quality-of-service, and a simple plug and play set up with minimal user programming required.

  • Outdoor IP 66 cast aluminum enclosure for industrially hardened applications
  • 9-48 VDC accomodates wide voltage use
  • Up to 40 mile range to connect to difficult locations
  • 4 Watts EIRP, Maximum legal radiated power for long range penetration
  • One Watt power consumption is ready for solar applications
  • -40º to +75ºC for extreme temperature operation
  • USB management interface to enable quick setup time
  • Graphical spectrum analyzer to evaluate RF environment
  • Power and Data over CAT5 for easy single-cable installation
  • 115,200 Baud for high speed serial applications
  • 30 ft CAT5 cables included, high grade burial and UV stabilized

  • (2) Outdoor wireless RS-232 radios

  • (2) AW2-900 Omnidirectional Antennas

  • (2) RJ-45 to Screw Terminal 30 foot cables

  • (2) DB-9 Female to Screw Terminal breakout adapters

  • (2) 20” USB to Mini-USB Adapter Cables

  • (2) 120VAC to 12 VDC Power Supplies

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